Since 1993

About Papou's Pastries

We all know that it's hard to compete with mom's cooking.  When we're growing up, we look forward to homemade meals and homemade bakery, and no matter how hard we search, it's difficult to ever find something that measures up.

Look no further.  At Papou's Pastries, we use all-natural ingredients, and everything is 100% homemade.  All the pastries we make are treated like we're making them for Sunday dinner with our family. Our homemade bakery is fresh, delicious, and made with love.

Papou's Pastries is owned and operated by a 100% Greek baker.  Demetrios Savaidis takes pride in his baking and does it to spread the joy and togetherness that good, homemade pastries can bring to any gathering.

Papou's Pastries strictly follows the Cottage Food law set forth by Ohio, and all products are packaged and labeled with ingredients, net weight, allergens, and the words "Home Produced."  Demetrios knows that ingredients are just as important as how something is made, so they use only the best quality, all-natural ingredients in their products.

North Royalton Pastries

Located in North Royalton, Ohio, Papou's Pastries attends many event shows and farmers' markets, or customers can call them directly to place their orders of all sizes! Pick up, or have your ordered shipped right to your home (anywhere in the United States).  Homemade Baklava, Greek Butter Cookies, Kalamata Bread, and more, is just a phone or email order away!

Orders can be placed for Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Just Because!



Demetrios was born in Greece.  He came to the United States in 1968 and married in 1971.  He always loved to cook and create different meals and desserts.  He has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  Every Holiday, birthday party, or any family-get together, he made Baklava.  The family loved it so much and looked forward to it.  His son and grandchildren recommended that he make this wonderful pastry and let others enjoy it.  Now for over 4 years, he has been going to farmers' markets, festivals, fairs, and craft shows.  With much success, he has quite a few returning customers and requests for holiday trays.  He now wants to reach out and let others enjoy his Baklava and other unique pastries.

Satisfy Your Cravings

Browse through our list of pastries or just give us a call to place an order!  Pick up, or have your order shipped to you anywhere in the United States!